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re: Raid Quests (Tier 1 to Tier 3)


Tier 1 Raid Quests


Vistrix Quest 1

Pre-requirement: Completed Black Dragon Quest Line including Black Dragon Recruit to Black Dragon Knighthood. You need to talk to Conan to get quests as he will not have a quest available sign above him most of the time.

Quest Line:

King Conan -> “Kill Dragon Vistrix” where you need to kill Vistrix and return to King Conan.

Quest reward: Black Dragon Cloak


Vistrix Quest 2

Pre-requirement: Destiny quest with Grim Grey God completed with King Conan.

Quest Line:

Kalanthes in Kheshetta (1070, 705) -> Talk to Cha.

Cha in Kheshetta (761, 696) -> "Master of the Silver Peacock" where you have to find one of Vistrix teeth. Kill Vistrix and take a tooth from his loot box and return to Cha.


Vistrix Quest 3

Quest Line:

Kurtz at Atzel’s Approach -> “Trail to the Dragon's Lair” where you need to reach the entrance of the Vistrix Lair and return.

Kurtz at Atzel’s Approach -> “Draconis Hex“ where you need to find inscriptions in Vistrix´s lair and return.

Quest reward: Mages and Priests will get Vistrix´s Bane.

Kurtz at Atzel’s Approach -> “Crown of Acheron” where you need to take the crown from the loot box after killing Vistrix and return.


Tier 2 Raid Quests


Quest Line 1:

Before you can get all Tier 2 quests you need to follow these 3 steps:

1. Kalanthes in Kheshatta -> Talk to Zelata in the Wild Lands and return to Kalanthes.

2. Kalanthes in Kheshatta -> Take a ring and a letter from a shrine outside Kheshetta City.

3. Right click on the letter -> "The Immortal Hand" to kill Leviathus and talk to his spirit.


Quest 2: Kalanthes in Kheshatta -> “Bowls of Set” where you break bowls in Wing 1, Wing 2 and Wing 3. You only need the instance and no need to kill the snakes in the bowls.

Quest 3: Kalanthes in Kheshatta -> “The Hunt” where you kill Chatha in Wing 2.

Quest 4: Kalanthes in Kheshatta -> “The Cursed Treasure of Constantius”, chest in Wing 3.

Quest 5: Dexitheus at Conans Castle -> “Army at the Gates of the Abyss” where kill adds during the Seruah fight in Wing 2.

Quest 6: Hashima in Kheshatta City (777, 617) -> “Mistress of the Shadows” get Athyr-Bast´s head in Wing 3.

Quest 7: Tuktopet (833, 638) -> “Fangs of the Ring”, collect poison samples above 1st floor in Wing 1.

Quest 8: Cha in Kheshatta -> “Master of Gargoyles” where you kill first boss in Wing 1.

Quest 9: Cha in Kheshatta -> “ Minions of Living Stone”, mobs in Wing 1.

Quest 10: Click gargoyle by entrance in Wing 1 -> “Stone to Flesh”. Quest reward is the spell Shatter Stone to remove stuns using sands at first boss in Wing 1.

Optional Quest: “A Curious Recipe” that drops by Chatha and allows you to craft The Ibis Weapon (this should be taken by soldiers as crafter must tank mobs in Wing 3.


Tier 3 Raid Quests

The first three listed quests are the nice ones providing very good protection gear.


Quest 1: King Conan -> “Death to Thoth Amon”. Kill Thoth-Amon and talk to Conan.

Reward: Amra´s Pride.

Quest 2: Scipio (Old Tarantia Bridge 964, 709) -> “The Face of Evil” to kill Arbanus and get his stone skin. You need to visit the "armorer" in Kheshatta with the skin too.

Reward: Scipios Necklace.

Quest 3: Dexitheus (Conan´s Castle) -> “Phoenix Sword” (best is to share this quest as it requires a long questline in Tarantia Commons etc).

Reward: T3 Protection Ring (choose one).

Quest 4: Wulfhere (Conan´s Castle) -> “Defense of Asgard”.

Quest 5: Nadir Alh'rey (Oasis of Rahotep, Kheshatta 665, 1216) -> Guardians From Beyond.

Quest 6: Moulay (Kheshatta City) -> “Betrayal”.

Quest 7: Ettivel the Artful (Kheshatta City) -> “Master of Blades”.

Quest 8: Hashimain (Kheshetta City) -> “Keeper of Artifacts”.

Quest 9: A note inside entrance of Thoth-Amon´s Stronghold - > “The Four Sent” is a travelling quest and not for T-A Stronghold. 

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